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 WHAT'S INCLUDED.?? Beautifully Colored  and captivating  Eagleshire  posters to make Math learning both thrilling and fun filled. Premium quality 300gsm C2S Fully Laminated art paper (12 charts: Multiplication Chat, Division Chart, ,Addition and Subtraction Chart, Fraction to Decimal & Percentage Chart, Place Value Chart, Distinct 3D &2D Shapes Chart, World map & USA map, Money Chat, Time Teller Chart, and Numbers Chart)..


GOOD VIBES- Giving the aspiring young scholar the assertive edge in comprehending math with a vibrant setting outside of text books. The simplicity of imparting mathematical  knowledge to the young learner  has been made easy both  through this engaging and wonderful display.!  


DISTINCTIVE DISPLAY  OF ASORTED COLORS-  The package is a wonderful array of decorated bright colors for in class or at home study room display.  Comes in well designed flat packaging box, Double-sided printing, Portrait and Landscape designs making the posters versatile in any setting using high quality spring clips for hanging. Conveniently sized  for  high resolution and  clear visibility when hanged on  walls: (12x17inches)..


IDEAL GIFT FOR HOME OR IN CLASS ACADEMIA-  These amazing educational math posters are wonderful gift presents for both kids and teachers to use at home and classroom settings in preschool, kindergarten, elementary and middle school. our kids posters uses bright vivid pictures which makes the learning environment a thrill and interactive  experience to the young scholar.


PROTECTED- Extended warranty for 1 full year of tear protection- If your  educational posters for any reason get torn by accident while handling it in your learning sessions, easily contact us for a free replacement.

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